Get ready for the one true story that will make you cringe at every turn of the page!

Murder in Wilmette started in the late 60s and ended when the monster within died of choking while gasping for

the air that didn’t want to be sucked in by such a vial monster…

“Stay tuned” I’m working diligently to get this book published…Charles…

“Well folks; Im back”

Its been far to long that I have been away from the written word and also my keyboard!

Well, in the next few months I will be getting back on the horse and writing my heart out.

In the up coming weeks I will explain why and where I’ve been…

To those who know me and the ones who don’t and cant wait for this true life book to finally be published your wait is almost over so don’t give up on me yet.

In the next 5 weeks I will be under going 3 more surgery’s and with Gods help I will be better then ever.

“All my love” Sincerely, Charles