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Get ready for the one true story that will make you cringe at every turn of the page!

Murder in Wilmette started in the late 60s and ended when the monster within died of choking while gasping for

the air that didn’t want to be sucked in by such a vial monster…

“Stay tuned” I’m working diligently to get this book published…Charles…


About MurderInWilmette

I am a 55yr old Writer originally from Wilmette Illinois were i grew up in middle class America and adopted by the kindest Mother and Father who always tried to save me from the "MONSTER WITHIN" our home. i made it and the monster suffocated in his sleep. Mom said, he'll die before i do and he did! Good riddance! One less Monster in our earth.The Story-MIW is so intense that i had to start it from the 60s or it wont work. This is the type of book to make yourself ask how could this happen in of all places Wilmette? Well it did and know i need help finishing the book because it has taken so much out of me-my sole and know my entire family are gone because of the Monster within our home and buy the way, "THE MONSTER WITHIN" is my next book title if i can ever get some help finishing MIW.

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